Driver’s License Restorations & Expungements

Kurzawa Law P.L.L.C. only handles Driver's License Restorations and Setting Aside Convictions also known as Expungements. There are a few reasons I chose to do this. First and foremost, I am truly passionate about helping those that want help. Second, both areas are primarily driven by a set procedure that is used by an official to determine if a necessary change has been made within yourself. Third, while the processes and procedures are pretty well set, figuring out what the official wants to see and hear that led you to make changes in your life is not. If something happens that makes the hearing official believe you are not sincere in your claim of change, you are placed at a very high chance of losing your case. By limiting the areas of law I practice, I can better focus on helping you give the official in charge of deciding your case, a strong impression on the positive changes you have made within yourself. We work exceptionally hard to stack the odds in your favor.
I do complete Driver License Restorations for a flat fee of $1275.00, which also includes the cost for the 3rd party medical related procedures as required for the application process. Setting Aside a conviction, also know as an Expungement, is flat fee of $750 + court costs.

I Guarantee both Driver License Restorations and Expungements (conditions apply).

Having trouble trouble making it to my office in Lapeer?

If you are needing to set aside a conviction, under most instances, I can do all the necessary work without you ever needing to meet with me face-to-face.

Driver license restorations are a little bit different. I like to meet with every client that wants to restore their license, provided that they are still living in Michigan. If you cannot attend a consultation at my office, and I am handling a matter in your area, I offer potential clients the chance to meet at a public location to go over your case and sign any necessary paperwork. I can also communicate via video conference. All other communications with me, can be conducted via telephone.

Additionally, for driver license restorations, we try to make it possible so that your hearing is held at a location closest to your residence in order to ensure that you are well rested and prepared for your hearing.

My office is located about 60 miles north of Detroit or about 45 minutes from Flint.

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My flat fee structure makes it possible for you to always know exactly what you are being charged before I start working on your case.